A Flashlight is great for finding things. You use it to find the key. The Grim Reaper uses it to find you. Good thing you can turn it off.

Can you make it out of the forest alive, or will your name be written in the obituary

Fear the Reaper is a 2D adventure/horror game, where you control a kid who's looking for the keys to unlock the gate. However, there's an entity that seems to be stalking you along the way.


Movement: WASD or Arrow Keys

Sprint: Hold down LShift

Flashlight On/Off: Space bar

Credits (People that didn't provide their real names either used their Discord or Itch usernames):

Oscar Barroso - Lead Designer

Dorba - Programmer, Designer

Blue- Artist, Designer

Tyler Kemp - Composer/SFX, Designer

Special Thanks to the QA team:

Nathan Villar




Blue's boyfriend

Tyler's wife


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love the screenshots. looks really nice. Ill try this out at some point.