Move left and right, push luggage: Left/Right Arrow Keys, A & D keys

Jump: Space Bar

Ready for Takeoff: 

Marshall the Air Marshaller finds out his wife is in labor during the middle of his shift. Now he's ready to takeoff... from work. Marshall must dash across the terminal while avoiding passengers and maneuvering luggage all so he can get to his car and rush to the hospital. If Marshall isn’t careful, he might get some complaints from some unhappy passengers.


Dorba - Programmer, Designer [itch]

Blue - Artist, Designer [instagram]

Tyler Kemp - Composer, Level Designer [soundcloud]

Amanda Kemp - Voice of women passengers, Punsultant


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So much fun to play...I am kind of addicted! The music is perfect and gives a sense of urgency and energy without stressing you out. Figuring out how to maneuver over the different luggage, signs and people is entertaining and challenging.  The detail art work is impressive and I love how the character bounces with the music when he is not in play!